They are alone series

These works represent a sort of reconciliation with an effort interrupted for almost ten years, which has recently called for a new definition. During the period in question, the reflection was by no means suspended, yet at the same time, it never really materialised with the drive and effort required to render a tangible vision. Nothing painted, no design, nothing in writing, no images and no form: nothing. In resuming the efforts associated with this work, the revival of the action signified an urgent need that somehow found the drive to re-emerge, influenced by the loss of a loved one.

The study of the human figure, a subject already confronted in the past, presented an opportunity to cope with the anxiety of meditation. The overall creative process was, in many ways, similar to various other works that preceded and followed this particular one. Even in this case, the work was completed without an initial drawing this drawing in its simplest form, an expressive medium worthy of subsequent manipulation. The creation of an image that was used as the foundation for this work therefore materialised through photography.

(FC-002) 2011 cm 91x64x11

(FC-003) 2011 cm 96x67x12

Sono soli, foglio di ceramica – they are alone series, ceramic folio (FC-009) 2012 cm 162x141x12

(FC-010) 2013 cm 149x106x12

(FC-011) 2013 cm 182x134x12

A photo shoot was organised, while the subjects moved on a raised platform and were arranged according to indications that gradually emerged, developing an image responsive to the aspirations and vision of the original work. It was thus arrived at a collection of bodies devoid

of expressive movement, a sort of alternation of lines and curves in which the most trivially human trait, expression, was purposefully destroyed and silenced, in favour of the attention bestowed upon an indistinct voluminous expression of the body.

During the photo shoot, the inevitable momentum that exemplifies the descriptive assertion of the body in motion and its corresponding expressive qualities, were deliberately suppressed.

Sono soli, foglio di ceramica – they are alone series, ceramic folio (FC-005) 2012 cm 80×91

The subjects were thus directed to not look at the room and generally, to avoid looking in any direction, thus further contributing to the feeling of alienation that I was trying to attain. The use of nudity also contributed to the emptiness of the moment, while the top perspective favoured a much-desired flattening effect of the image, which destroyed its ordinary significance. At the end of the day during which I found myself drawing using bodies as a creative medium, a large

number of photographic panels (as I like to refer tothem) were created. These panels largely corresponded to the initial needs of the work: the necessity to create a set of lines (signs or figures, therefore) ready to be transfo med into something else. It was thus that images came to life, images that would serve as the manipulation medium from which the final work would evolve. The various aspects of the execution process were very similar, in their material manifestation,

to those employed during the creation of other works. Through the usual reverse process, the work was transformed from a simple sign or figure to something with added scope and dimension. The search for volume, light and shadows ultimately rendered the accumulated corporeal significance of the work, together with a resulting elevated emotional perception.

Milan march 20 2013